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Azure training, data analytics specifically for service companies (oil field Financials) NPV, IRR, etc. 


Focus: The activities throughout the lesson would result in your first full dashboard with practice developing calculated measures and modeling data using DAX.


Objective: By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Connect to your own data set in Azure Analysis Services using Power BI
  • Create and deploy data models using Power Query, SQL Data tools
  • Profile your data using automatic data profiling in Power BI
  • Transform your data, including changing data types and extracting data from a column
  • Practice modeling with DAX, implement some of your data transformation using DAX
  • Manage data relationships between sets of data
  • Deliver results using quick measures and calculated measures using DAX
  • Craft stories around your data


Pre-requisites: Windows PC, Microsoft Power BI Desktop (free), an email account and internet access.


Applicable Roles: Business Intelligence Analyst, Marketing/Sales Analyst, Marketing & Sales Executives, Data Analyst who need to gather intelligence to inform management business decisions.

Microsoft Azure Analysis

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